Hire more
every second.

Thousands of preselection calls
in just few clicks.

Jobcall is a voicebot used to communicate between you and the job candidate. Based on advanced technologies support your recruitment.

What we can do for you?

Automated voicebot

Our voicebot can talk to thousands of candidates in the same moment. Moreover save their answers in your ATS and create candidate profiles. This solution will help you hire more and faster.

Virtual Buddy

Jobcall fully supports the employer on the talent journey including onboarding and internal communication. Create a virtual buddy with 24/7 access. Voicebot will answer the questions by itself and if needed will direct the contact to a consultant.

Candidate Base Review

Jobcall can save you hundreds of hours and what’s more important review your whole candidate database in just few minutes! Use Jobcalll to check with with your candidates in an instant in just few clicks.

Reduce costs up to 90%
Do more with less work!

For our retail client, Jobcall has performed over 44 hours of pre-screening interviews for one position.

Almost 97% of the candidates have taken part in an interview with Jobcall. For a similar process, the client would need as many as 16 recruiters who spend 2 hours a day just on pre-screening interviews. Saving time, recruiters can concentrate on the best candidates.

Integrated with any ATS system

Real-time data saving to create/update candidate profile

Choose your voicebot voice

A range of natural voices to suit your needs

Security first!

The voicebot has been created with greatest care about the security. We use advanced solutions and data protection.

Jobcall offered by Wandlee first of all allows reaching candidates on a mass scale with a job offer. Thanks to voicebot function we can automate the recruitment process partially and in addition integrate it with any ATS. It works very well.
Seweryn Leszczyński - Poland Workforce

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